1973 Evel Knievel Challenge Machine

evel knievel challenge machine japan



1973 Evel Knievel CHALLENGE MACHINE (Japan)

Ideal granted the Japanese company Popy license to manufacture and distribute the Stunt Cycle in Asia. This version is highly collectable as it had features that were not featured on the US models. The action figure was smaller at five inches tall. The bike had a completely different exhaust system, black forks and glossy black seat. The set also came with extras like a skyhook and jump bar holder (3 bars), a ramp and runway. Japanese language instructions, 8-page full color brochure, with illustrations showing various stunts that could be performed.


There were also a few pages of comic style illustrations telling the Knievel story. The back pages illustrated some Suzuki GT750 customized motorcycles and daredevils wearing Ninja style costumes.


Complete sets of this ultra rare set have been seen selling for over $800.