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1974 Evel Knievel Lunch Box

If you were an elementary school boy in 1970’s, chances were that you would tote your Evel Knievel lunch box to school every day.  Aladdin Industries made the EK lunch box in 1974, at the pinnacle of Knievel’s worldwide popularity.

Knievel’s most famous jump across the Snake River Canyon in Twin Falls, Idaho, captured the attention of fans of all ages as he powered his Sky Cycle across the 1,600 ft wide canyon . Ultimately, the stunt ended in the rocket crashing to the bottom on the canyon when the parachute deployed only moments after take-off. This stunt only caused minor injuries to the daredevil.

Aladdin lunchbox (1974)

The lunch box was constructed of metal with a red handle and striping around the rim. The graphics depicted different images of Evel Knievel on the front, back and sides.  On the front, the painted image is Knievel jumping over seven or eight parked cars in front of a Coliseum crowd. The rear image illustrates the rocket-powered Sky Cycle as it took off across the Snake River Canyon.

The sides of the lunch box reveal similar style illustrations of Knievel, his motorcycle and his scramble van. The thermos is crowned with a red lid (which also doubles as a cup) and depicts Knievel performing car jumps and riding a wheelie while standing on the motorcycle seat.


So how much is the Evel Knievel lunchbox worth?

The Evel Knievel lunch box is one of the more popular and modest priced collectables on the market. What makes this item so collectable is the small size, which is easily displayed in collections or on the shelves of vintage/ antique stores. Since many grown men remember the days that they carried this lunch box, it has a huge nostalgic value at an affordable price.

The complete lunch box set has been realized to sell at auction in mint condition for as much as $500. Sets in good to excellent condition have sold on eBay between $50 and $200.

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