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1975 Evel Knievel Chopper

The Evel Knievel chopper bike was released by Ideal in 1975. The toy based on Knievel’s life size Chopper.

This bike had a long, flexible front fork and an upgraded plastic body, which made it stronger than the earlier Stunt Cycles.

The body of the motorcycle was Blue. The 1975 issue did not include the Energizer or action figure. In 1976 Ideal issued a set with the Energizer and action figure after some complaints from customers who apparently misunderstood that the Chopper did not include the normal accessories. Only a year later Ideal would drop the toy line completely which makes the large box set far more collectable.

(Above: Large Box Set)

The packaging changed and the box was larger than the first issue to accommodate the added accessories.

Black Chopper is not a Evel Knievel toy……

There is some confusion on Ebay with people selling a black chopper as a vintage Evel Knievel toy. This is actually a Team America Marauder witch was offered as a set after Ideal dropped the EK line.