1975 Evel Knievel FLING-A-MA-BOB


1975 Ideal EVEL KNIEVEL FLING-A-MA-BOB Frisbee toy.


This Frisbee type toy was manufactured in 1975 and features a decal of Evel Knievel jumping his motorcycle in the center of the disc. The disc is 10 inches in diameter, and styles a raised center and with dynamic wind slots which produce amazing flying dynamics. Although the Fling A-Ma-Bob is now valued for collectors of Evel Knievel toys, many Frisbee enthusiasts seek out this disc for its performance in disc sports.


What's a Evel Knievel Fling-A-Ma-Bob Worth?


The Fling-A-Ma-Bob has sold as high as $450 at auction in mint/sealed condition. Typically these pieces sell at an average of $75.00 on Ebay.