1976 Evel Knievel Escape From Skull Canyon

escape from skull canyon IdealThe Skull Canyon play set is rare if you can find it complete. The small parts included in the play set would frequently become lost.


The Escape from Skull Canyon play set was issued by Ideal in 1976. This set contained a molded canyon which included voodoo signs, Big Foot style monster, boulders and a decal sheet. Your primary objective was to perform stunts so that Evel Knievel could jump the canyon, go through the boulders and escape from the monster.

No figure or stunt vehicle was supplied with this play set.










evel knievel skull canyon monster


The monster action figure and boulders from the 1976 play set.


evel skull canyon play set


The skulls that would sit on top of Skull Canyon Mountain are also a rare item, as they would become lost over the years.

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