1976 Evel Knievel Funny Car


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The Evel Knievel Funny Car was issued in 1976 by Ideal Toy Co.

The toy car came complete with a hinged top that would lift up so Evel could climb in. This stunt car would do wheelies, jumps and cruise at top speeds and the top would pop up when crashed

The original set did not come with the action figure. It contained only the car, energizer and instructions.

Ideal wanted people to purchase the racing suit action figure Separately .


The Funny car was reisued in 2006 as part of the signature set that came with a reproduction Formula 1 Dragster and Super Stuntcycle.


The funny car alone is not the most collectable item out there. Complete boxed sets are more desired but condition is key. Nice boxes with at least one neat perfect side for display are valued between $100-$200 depending on overall condition.