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The CB Van was released in 1977 by Ideal.  This set is fairly rare and even rarer if you can find a CB with a chrome exhaust as opposed to the more commonly shipped blue exhaust system.

The set was shipped in a 9.75 x1 4.25 x7.5″ box and contained gull wing doors, swivel drivers seat, operable drivers door, secret storage compartment, Ramp and a motrcycle carrier which hooks on to the back of the van.  Also included was decorative labels and insturctions.
 This set did not come with any small parts like the scramble van.

One of the fancy features to this toy was a battery-operated CB message system where you could hear Evel talking on his CB by pressing a button inside the cab.  

The CB Voice box module is often broken. Vans with working voice box are worth much more.

Prices have been realized as much as $1200 in excellent sealed condition to $225 in fair condition without the box.

Original Evel Knievel CB Van Decals