2010 American Classic Toys Evel Knievel and Stunt Bike

Paladone Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel Paladone

The Evel Knievel Stunt Stars set was released in 2010 American Classic Toys (PP0390).

It was a officially licensed Evel Knievel stunt set. The small 3" bike was powered by a rip cord through the slot alongside the rear wheel. It aslo included a cardboard cut-out ring of fire.

The inexpensive and cute toy is now becoming sought after as it is already hard to come by. The value of this toy will be rising in years to come but only if it's still sealed in it's original packaging. Many of these toys did not make it to the store shelves without some serious damange to the packaging. For some unknown reason the plastic blister packs were unsually brittle.


This set was also distributed by the UK based toy company Paladone as a Stunt Stars set.

Sealed in bubble pack values today are already reaching $60.00 USD.