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2020 Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle Reissue by California Creations

2020 Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle by California Creations

The new reissue Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle recently stated shipping by California Creations in March of this year. This version of the stunt cycle is basically the same issued by Poof Slinky in 2005. The stunt cycle is actually a copy of the original Trail bike which was issued by Ideal toys in the 70’s. The set includes the Stunt Cycle, Evel Figure and Energizer and it’s priced at $44.95. Unlike the other reissue sets, CC’s version is packaged in a cereal style box with hint’s of the original graphics with a nod to the original 70’s versions. We like this box for it’s display-ability. Sales seem to be doing well online and the maker has hinted that they may release a future version modeled after the original version. We hope when they do they will offer a white version more exact to the sought after original Stunt Cycle.

Collectors have been snapping up this new Stunt Cycle and some are even reselling them for more money already. The 2000’s versions of the Super Stunt Cycle set are already fetching up $300 making the California Creations version as a must have under $50. The makers are selling them on their website and on Ebay now. We purchased our on Ebay and it was shipped fast. Check out the Ebay page here.

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