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A guide to Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle Reissue Sets

We all know that the original 1970’s Evel Knievel toys are very collectible but what about those reissued sets from the late 90’s and early 2000’s?

Some have turned there heads at these sets but if you are collecting for value you may be missing the boat and here’s why.

If you think about the many different variety’s of Evel Knievel toys made by ideal during the 1970’s you can come up with a lot of different models. Multiply that by the millions of units sold during that decade and it doesn’t take a mathematician to figure out that there are far more of the 1970’s toys in existence than even the reissue sets made only years ago.

This of course does not mean that all the 70’s toys are worth less. Condition always plays a big part. You can pick up a beat up 1973 Stunt Cycle set on Ebay for around $100. But you will rarely see a 2007 Super Stunt Cycle set in boxed condition for $100. Time fly’s when your having fun and now the Super Stunt Cycle (Made by Poof Slinky) is turning eight years old. Poof Slinky was licensed to reproduce a a version of the original Stunt Cycle Sets and are the coolest to the real thing as some of the original molds were questionably used to produce parts of the set. The numbers of these sets that were produced are exactly unknown but suspected to be in the 5,000 range.

2006 super stunt cycle

Above: 2007 Poof Slinky Super Stunt Cycle Set. There was also the signature series which included a Funny Car and Dragster along with the Stunt Cycle.

Evel Knivel signature set1

Another set was the Evel and Robbie signature set which included both Evel and Robbie Knievel figures and custom stunt cycles. The Evel figure had a cape which was not included in any other sets both modern and vintage. The Evel figure also came with a set of swagger grips that helped keep the swagger stick in his hand while riding. Now your swagger stick will never get lost! The signature set came with a set of ramps, plastic bricks, cardboard fire hoop bricks and some scramble van type tools.  All signature sets come with a plain white box with no graphics. Bummer. 

If buying loose from these sets the most valuable items are as follows.

  • Evels Cape
  • Robbie bike,action figure and Energizer. Hard to find limited made.
Robbie Knievel stunt cycle
Evel Knievel Dare Devil Stunt Set

Above: Poof Slinky variation. Daredevil Stunt Set. With Trail Bike

Evel Knievel Blister pack 2005

Above: Poof Slinky’s first attempt to reissue in 2005. Blister pack Stunt Cycle (Trail Bike and Figure)
This bubble pack is now getting harder to find. Valued at $100.00 (mint)

So now these are growing older and worth collecting. Also, many less informed collectors will buy these online thinking that they are the real McCoy. Unfortunately there are sellers out their who purposely take advantage and try to pass them off as authentic Ideal 70’s toys to those buyers. Some sellers simply do not realize that they are not 1972’s because of the Ideal copyright stamp on them. Either way they are and will be worth more money.

playing mantis Stunt Cycle

Even before the Super Stunt Cycle set came the 1998 “King of the Stuntmen” Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle that was issued by the company Playing Mantis (above). This set was similar to all the EK Stunt Cycle sets however the bike was very different looking and that was the major killer among collectors. The action figure was issued with either a white suit or a less common blue suit. QVC pushed these sets but they never really took off in the sales department compared to the Poof Slinky sets.

Paladone Evel Knievel

One of the craziest collecting come backs as of late is the 2010 Evel Knievel and Stunt Bike produced by American toy Company (above). The miniature zip cord motorcycle was very inexpensive (around $15.00) when it was released. It didn’t do well in the market and quickly went out of production. Collectors and nostalgia freaks are starting to like these little guys if they are still sealed in the original blister pack. They cost less than a vintage set, they are small to display and still ring a bell and a cheaper alternative for anyone in their 40’s and 50’s who remember the real deal and want a piece of nostalgia. Prices now are sitting around $60.00.