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1971 Jeepers Creepers Board Game

1971 Jeepers! Creepers! Whats Hot In Horror Themed Board Games

Extreme retro ghoulish board game action is what Whitman game company what going for in 1971 when they published Jeepers! Creepers!

The Frankenstein themed board game was promoted to kids 6-10 years old back in the 70’s but these days retro game enthusiasts and horror fanatics are paying a bundle for this one. Why? Because it’s rare AF and…….

The game itself is not a mind bending strategy game for modern board game geeks but it’s the art that has people searching high and low for this one. Jeepers Creepers has very plain but age and period specific early horror art work with Franky and other variations of charector. Other children’s board games from the era include Milton Bradley’s 1970 Which Witch (not as cool) fetches up to $400 at last check and the 1963 Creature From The Black Lagoon (also a kids game) from Hasbro has recently sold for $2500 in mint condition on Facebook. As of this post I cannot find any listings of this board game to reference a current online price which means it’s still rare AF. Last known sale that I have heard of from a collector is around $500. Jeepers F’ing Creepers!

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