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Most Popular Day Of The Month For Ebay Sales

Ever wonder why some days your Ebay sales are next to zero and other days you seem to be selling everything you list? People are always searching for the answers as to what is the best day to end auctions on. We know that ending auctions at night after 7PM are the best time because people are more likely to be home in a relaxed mood looking to buy online. Five days before a holiday are also typically good days to end auctions. One secret that nobody mentions is that people typically get paid from their jobs on the 1st and 15th of the month and what happens when they get paid – You get paid! We have been tracking this for months and have averaged that we get 30% more bids on Monday and Thursdays and slightly lower transactions for “Buy It Now” actions.

Try not to saturate your listings buy posting too often. When a product has be lingering on Ebay too long your potential buyers will take notice. Sometimes holding off on listings and timing them for these specifically hot days will create an extra sense of “got to have it” and lead to more sales for you.

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