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Rarest Ideal Evel Knievel Toys as of 2015

Like you, we are always scrubbing Ebay for vintage Evel Knievel Toys. We decide what is the rarest toys to find based on our experience at toy shows and what is selling online.

Here is our top list as of June 2015

#1    Silver High Jumper

The Silver High Jumper was released in 1977 and was one of the last issued sets by Ideal. 
This set is extremely hard to find. Only a few have come up for auction online in the past few years. 
The complete set with open box in mint condition is valued at $1000 and sealed boxes can fetch much more.

The stunt cycle alone in good condition can easily get $200 for people looking to complete a set.

#2  Trail Bike (Large Box)

The Trail Bike came in two sizes. A small box which contained the bike only and the large box that came with the bike,Energizer,figure,instructions and cones.  While the trail bike has never been as popular amongst collectors, the large box model is very rare. These sets seldom come up on the auction scene. Sealed units have sold recently as high as $800.

#3 Strato Cycle

The Strato Cycle has been seen on Ebay loose. Complete Strato Sets with the box are still a rare find. Mostly found in the UK.

#4 Road and Trail Adventure Set

This set with all its parts and box is a rare find. Loose parts come up on Ebay often. This was a pretty large box with great graphics.
Complete sets in good condition with the box are a good buy at $500. Make sure it has the action figure with yellow shirt, jeans and vest as those sell upwards of $200 alone. These sets are fun to collect since you can often buy part by part to complete your set. 
It is the large box and action figure that make this set a hard get.

#5 Challenge Machine (Japan)

The challenge machine was licensed by Ideal in Japan in the 1970’s. This set had a lot of cool things going for it. For one, the stunt cycle and figure were smaller than the Ideal versions. For that reason alone it is hard to piece together a set. It came with a runway, high jump (like the stunt stadium) sky hook and mounting posts. The box had some great graphics and literature. 
Only a few have popped up on Ebay in the past few years. Sets in good condition are a good deal under $400. Higher if sealed of course.

#6 Sidewinder Super Cycle

The sidewinder was once pegged as the “holy grail” of EK toys. Not anymore. Although they are rare you can almost always find one on Ebay (mostly UK) and some German versions. Sellers are asking around $2,000 (U.S) for open boxes, but they never sell. 

For this reason we have bumped it way down on the list. The Sidewinder will consistently sell between $600-$800 (U.S) in Ex condition and $1000 sealed. Most kids in the USA never owned this toy since this was only released in Europe. For that reason they are still more popular oversees.  Loose Sidewinder cycles are cool addition to your collection and can be found on Ebay at times around $100.