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Ebay UPAA Tracking

Many international and domestic Amazon sellers and buyers have been getting very confused about Amazon’s Global Shipping when it comes to tracking your package with that pesky UPAAA.

For example, if you buy a item from Amazon in the United States and you live in Canada there will be a couple tracking numbers involved in the transacation and all this is handled via the Amazon Global Shipping.

Here is how it works and here is one way you can track your package without the help of Amazon’s slow tracking system which doesent update as fast as we like.

Track your Amazon Order Here

One method of tracking your package that has been helpful is to go to You can enter your UPAAA number and select a carrier from over 83 different shippers. For Canada you can select Canadian Post or try selecting one that is a common shipper for your country.

You may have to try selecting a bunch before you find the correct carrier.

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