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Vintage Evel Knievel vs Modern Evel Knievel Toys on EBay

You need to be careful when buying vintage Evel Knievel toys on Ebay as the Stunt Cycle has been reissued in the 90’s and 2005. These replicas are official, well made and worth money but are not original to the 1970’s.

2006 Super Stunt Cycle

not vintage evel knievel


The Stunt Cycle (pictured above) was made between 2005 and 2007 and distributed by Poof Slinky.
The company used perhaps some of the original molds used in the 70’s however it is very different than a 1970’s stunt cycle. First the obvious, it is all chrome with a blue tank with screen printed graphics. The 1970’s stunt cycles had all white bodies. The modern versions also have a front fenders while the originals did not. To claim that these were produced from the same mold is questionable. The reproductions do have a 1973 copyright because that is the first year Ideal released the toy, but in no way means your bike is a 1973. These reissues are still cool. The chrome paint tends to flake off and make sure your bike has the kick stand because the 70’s kick stands are not interchangeable.

The original Evel Knievel action figure suits had the stars and stripes sewn on. The reissues were screen printed.

evil knievel action figure

(This is a Reproduction 2005 )                  (This is a real 1970’s )

The Energizer originally did not come with stickers on it, the reissues did.

reissue stunt cycle1
reissue stunt cycle 2

Here are just a few modern made stunt cycles on Ebay that were claimed as 1970’s.



In the 2000’s the trail bike was reissued as well.

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Evel Knievel 1970s Stunt Cycle set PERFECT PRESENT FOR DAD

Buy it now price. $250.00

1970s Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle set.Set is in mint unplayed with condition without the box.
It does look like it was tested to see if it works as there is a  couple light  tire tracks on the ramp, must look hard to see them. 
Bike is complete with no breaks.Figure is clean with no rips stains or tares.Red energizer still in 2 pieces.

No instruction Book.

evel knievel reissue trail bike